Sunbeam Yachts

leading in the construction of sailing yachts for more than 65 years

The passion for adventure and the thrill of discovery explain the special commitment of our family to shipbuilding for three generations. The enthusiasm for sailing underlines our philosophy of a constant pursuit of the “ideal product”. A yacht that combines functionality, aesthetics and sportiveness in an optimal way. True to this philosophy, we set high quality standards for our SUNBEAM YACHTS. We pay the greatest attention to the workmanship even in inaccessible places, as this indicates the quality concept of a shipyard better than anything else. As a result, you will have more pleasure sailing.

Advantage based on tradition

The Schöchl family founded their carpentry business in Mattsee/Salzburg/Austria as early as 1838. Since that time, we have been striving for the highest level of quality. More than 180 years of experience in wood processing and more than 65 years in the development, planning and design of yachts has made us one of the leading shipyards in Europe.


The SUNBEAM history and its groundbreaking events


Andreas Schöchl takes over the shipyard in the third generation and founds the company Sunbeam Watersports GmbH.

Nomination of the SUNBEAM 32.1 as Yacht of the Year


SUNBEAM 46.1: Winner of the “European Yacht of the Year” Award.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 22.1 as “European Yacht of the Year”.
SUNBEAM 22.1: Winner of the “HISWA Boat of the Year” Award.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 40 as “European Yacht of the Year”.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 28 for the “HISWA Boat of the Year” Award.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 42 as “European Yacht of the Year”.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 30 as “European Yacht of the Year”.


SUNBEAM 34.1: Winner of the “European Yacht of the Year” award.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 53 as “European Yacht of the Year”.


Nomination of the SUNBEAM 26 as “European Yacht of the Year”.


Extension of the shipyard: Construction of a new hall with a converted area of approx. 1,500 m².


Foundation of the subsidiary branch: Schöchl-Yachting-Germany.
“Salzburg Regional Award for Marketing, Communication and Design”.


Manfred Schöchl and Gerhard Schöchl take over the shipyard.
1995: Award of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the trade sector.


MA Engineer Gerhard Schöchl joins his parents’ company.
Bestowal of the “Austrian National Herald” as an award for the leading company in the region; for sustainable management, effective staff management and strong customer orientation
1992: First exports to Japan


Engineer Manfred Schöchl joins his parents’ company.
1980: Foundation of the company branch Yachting Schöchl Italia.
1985: Expansion of export to the U.S.A. and Japan.


The shipyard is rebuilt and enlarged to an area of 4,000m².


New building and expansion of the shipyard at Mattsee.
The first series production of keelboats starts


The era of boat building begins