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European Yacht of the year 2019

Perfect ergonomics, comfort and quality craftsmanship.

The Yacht Revue states: "The BEAUTY of strong lines and the TRUE MEANING of comfort".

The Sunbeam 46.1 is a "Long Distance Cruiser" and a perfect "Sports Luxury Cruiser" - created for single-handed sailors with "small crew". The accommodation and living comfort in the interior and on deck is consistently oriented towards the high demands of a yachts proprietor. The performance is aligned with the building structure for safety and durability.

Design and concept

The exterior design comes as standard with a safe spring board, vertical stem, classic yacht hatchback and higher laminated foot rail. Still, the new Sunbeam 46.1 is equipped with all the modern details such as double steering stand, fold-out bathing platform, large cockpit with table, large compartment front bar with fixed window and integrated spray hood. Thus the new Sunbeam 46.1 reflects the current design language of Sunbeam Yachts, it is prominent, classic and elegant. A ship with character and sustainable value permanence.

Hull lines

The Sunbeam 46.1 is a fast, performanceoriented and yet smooth yacht. It has a great speed potential in all weather conditions while the moderate, narrow stern ensures that the yacht sails in a balanced and course-stable manner. Softchains at the stern and a meticulous design of the rear hull section are extremely important for smooth sailing. In order to enhance the performance potential in light winds, a slender waterline was taken into account.

The result is on the one hand a smaller wetted area and on the other hand the entire width can be supported with a small position and brings an enormous increase in stability with the high ballast content.