Participants from all German-speaking countries make a pilgrimage to Mattsee and register for the seminar. Due to the limitations regarding the number of participants, the seminar was quickly sold out. For ALL interested there is more information at www.sunbeam-yachts.com from the end of April.


SUNBEAM - BLUE WATER SEMINAR with Bobby Schenk and 12 specialists

On the weekend of 6 and 7 April, more than 100 sailors from all over Europe have made a pilgrimage to the "Blauwasser Seminar von Bobby Schenk".

Twelve experts for blue water sailing together with the team of SUNBEAM Yachts, with Gerhard and Manfred Schöchl, will discuss the topic "Circumnavigation of the world".

The cornerstones of the seminar are:

  • Presentations by the experts
  • A workshop with a simulator for port manoeuvres and
  • A shipyard tour on the technical details of a blue water yacht.

Contact us at sunbeam(at)sunbeam.at





Bobby Schenk: Circumnavigator and Cape Hornier

Lifelong sailing on the seven oceans of the world


Michael Menard: Skipper trainer and inventor of virtual harbour manoeuvres

Tips and tricks: Port manoeuvres with blue water yacht


Bobby Schenk: World circumnavigator

Astronavigation - without formulas practice-oriented - learned in one hour


Kerstin Pieper and Hans Schubert: Winners of the Trans-Ocean World Sailing Award

Preparation, organisation and costs of a blue water trip


Manfred Jabbusch: World circumnavigator Sailing at the limit - Fighting through the Roaring Forties


Dr Sachweh: TV meteorologist (BR television)

Using wind and weather optimally - tips from blue water meteorologists


Professor Dr Tassani-Prell: (Chief Physician at the German Heart Center) Survival onboard - medical precautions for the blue water cruise


Hubert Ober: " The " electronics specialist for cruising yachts

Electronics for cruising yachts today - necessary or gimmick? Technical equipment support on the way


Helmut Peter and Jörg Forstinger: World circumnavigators

Many miles - world cruise from tropics to glaciers


Gerhard and Manfred Schöchl: SUNBEAM YACHTS

Details of a blue water yacht, practical examples in production - creating a blue water yacht


Michael Menard: Skipper trainer

Workshop: virtual skipper training